Day trip from Bogota: The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

How an old salt mine turned into a magnificent cathedral.

For a nice day trip from Bogota, head North to admire this beauty carved inside the old salt mines dating all the way from the 1800’s. What started only as a simple chapel for miners have turned to be a tourist attraction and a functioning church for locals.

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira in Colombia
The cathedral is built in three levels

You can choose to go there with a tour company from Bogota but getting to Zipaquirá with public trasport was simple and easy.

The church has been built to three levels in the old tunnels of the mine, 200 meters underground. The three different levels represent the birth, life, and death of Jesus.

The salt cathedral is a nice option either for a rainy or sunny day. You are covered from the rain but also on a hot day, it’s a nice escape to the cool tunnels. Guided tours were included in the tickets, both in Spanish and English available.

Hint: Zipaquirá has nice restaurants for lunch but head a little bit out of the touristic center to find better prices.

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