Travel in Potosi, Bolivia

I’m 30 something years old girl from Helsinki, Finland. Currently I’m studying tourism on a university level and this is what got me back to Finland for now. I’m living with my Brazilian hubby in the capital Helsinki, but using every excuse that I have, to run out to the wilderness, or to the world.

I’m a big fan of most of the outdoor sports. My favourites would be horseback riding, kayaking, trekking, snowboarding and surfing. Spending time in nature is what keeps me up and running. That is also why I’m passionate about nature and wildlife preservation.
Let’s take care of our planet together!

Living out of a backpack and nomadic lifestyle is no stranger to me. Besides travelling for undefined periods of time, I’ve found home in Ireland, Chile and Brazil. Now family ties have brought Brazil into my heart even closer but a piece of my heart will always be in the North, where I’m from.

My dream is to become a travel writer, an educator for sustainable travel and a spokesperson for nature and wildlife protection. I also want to inspire others to travel and discover more. I believe travelling makes us more understanding towards each other and it spreads happiness.

Horseback riding in Ecuador
Conquer Machu Mountain in Peru
Visit wineries in Argentina
Scandinavian living

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