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Travel tips to China


A country full of historical gems and stunning ancient architecture. Visit Giant Pandas in their natural habitat.

• Sunrise on a Sacred Mountain: Trekking Mount Emei


Travel tips to Mongolia


Ride to the Mongolian plains to experience true nomad hospitality and discover the rich history of the country.

• On the hoofsteps of Genghis Khan: Riding with the nomads
• What not to miss: a guide to Ulaanbaatar


Travel tips to Russia


Get charmed by the beautiful buildings from the tsar era or jump to a train to experience the Siberian wilderness.

• Lake Baikal: the Pearl of Siberia


Vietnam travel tips


Fell in love with the amazing dreamlike landscapes, delicious food and friendly people.

• What not to miss: a guide to Hanoi




St Ives in Cornwall England


From bustling London to sleepy little countryside towns. Lot to see for history nerds and culture lovers, and not to forget football fanatics.

• St Michael’s Mount: Castle on a tidal island


Finland National Parks


Clean and pure nature with a lot of space to roam. Experience the summertime nightless nights or discover the snowy winter wonderland.

• Day trip from Helsinki: Torronsuo swamp area
• Olaf’s Castle: Europe’s northernmost medieval castle


Acropolis in Greece


Immerse yourself to the stories from ancient mythologies and get stunned by the architectural masterpieces, beautiful islands and delicious food.

• Cape Sounion: Poseidon’s Temple
• Delphi: Sanctuary of Apollo
• Greek islands: Skopelos
• What not to miss: a guide to Athens


Cliffs of Moher


Don’t skip this green little island. Explore the old castles and picturesque fishing villages and finish the day with a pint of stout.

• Morning Beach Ride in Wicklow


Travel tips to Russia


Get charmed by the beautiful buildings from the tsar era or jump to a train to experience the Siberian wilderness.

• Lake Baikal: the Pearl of Siberia


Swedish archipelago


Enjoy beautiful Scandinavian nature from the fjords to the archipelago. Safe and stable with loads of possibilities for outdoor activities.

• Gotland: Island in the Baltic Sea

North America

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Historical centre of Panama


Panama is in the middle of everything; North- and South America and between the Caribean Sea and Pacific Ocean.

• Panama City layover: What to do


USA travel tips


USA has something for everybody. From big cities to small towns, from mountains to deserts and to the tropic.

• In Maui: Sunrise on Haleakalā
• In Maui: Whale watching tour

South America



Lamas in South America


Bolivia takes your breath away and charms with authenticity, unique landscapes and high altitudes.

• Lake Titicaca: Isla del Sol
• What not to miss: a guide to La Paz


Tiradentes colonial town in Brazil


Explore sunny Brazil from the wild Amazon to the perfect beaches. Let the local rhythms and caipirinhas swipe your worries away.

• Good Morning from a coffee plantation
• Iguazu Falls: Largest waterfall system of the world
• Penedo: Finnish Colony in Brazil
• Tiradentes: Colonial charm in Minas Gerais


Patagonia in Chile


From the world’s driest deserts to the coast of Pacific Ocean. Get known to the mysteries of Easter Island and see the glaciers of Patagonia.

• Atacama Desert: Driest desert of the world
• Day trip from Santiago: Rafting in Rio Maipo


Palm Valley in Colombia


The rising destination of South America. Fall in love with the diverse nature from the Andes to the Caribbean coast and its picturesque, colourful towns.

• Day trip from Bogota: The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá
• What not to miss: a guide to Bogota


Mountain road to Machu Picchu


Peru is every trekker’s dream destination, or at least it should be. Get known to the ancient Inca culture and discover the hidden treasures of the Andes.

• Day trip from Cusco: Rainbow Mountain
• Laguna Humantay: Glacial lake high in the Andes
• Machu Picchu: Visiting the ancient city
• Mancora: Surf town on the Pacific coast
• Salkantay trek: Walking to Machu Picchu