7 Tips: How you can travel more sustainable

Travelling has a big impact on us and the environment but unfortunately, it’s not always a positive one. With these tips, you can make your next trip more sustainable. And it is easier than you think!

1. Travel in low season

When you travel to popular destinations, try to do it on low season. You avoid the crowds, prices are cheaper and you probably get even nicer photos from your trip without all the other tourists around! On top of these, you help local entrepreneurs to be profitable all year round. It’s a win-win situation.

2. Slow travel

Rather spend a week in France exploring around with a train than fly into several cities around Europe during those 7 days. Let the journey be part of your experience, and don’t just rush from a world famous sight to another after some insta-worthy photos. The longer you stay in one place, the less you generate waste and more you save money!

Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, Greece
Athens in April
3. Transport

When you can, travel by land. Each flight has a massive carbon footprint.
Use public transport in your destination if possible (this saves money as well!)
Walk (or cycle) a lot. Walking is by far my favorite way of getting known to a new city. I always find gems by accident which I didn’t know existed!

4. Support local services

When you use local services (accommodation, restaurants, activities) and buy local products the money stays in the destination and supports the local economy. This is important since we do use local resources while we are there. So please, give back to the community.

5. Make ethical decisions

Did you know that most of the activities which include touching wildlife are extremely harmful to animals? Baby animals are being separated from their mothers to live imprisoned. Big cats are being drugged and having their teeth removed. All this so a tourist can take a cute holiday pic with them. Elephants are trained with violence and small donkeys carry adults a way over their weight limits. Not supporting these activities are the best way to protect animals.

6. Leave only footprints

Don’t litter, anywhere, even if the locals do.

7. Avoid plastic

Carry your own water bottle and shopping bag with you. I know tap water is not always an option (but in many places it also is!), but avoid buying bottled water where you can (sometimes accommodations have water tanks where you can fill yours). Refuse from plastic bags and carry your own (pretty) fabric bag with you.

I hope you find these tips useful for your next trip. I don’t mean to lecture, but we are privileged to be able to travel and privileges walk hand in hand with responsibilities. Many of these tips could be also listed under “My favorite tips for travelling cheap”. Maybe I should write that one next?

“Be cool, travel responsibly.”

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