Survival tips: Introvert in a hostel

When we talk about benefits of staying in a hostel, we always mention meeting people and making new friends. This post is from an introvert to another, to encourage you and to share my personal tips how to politely avoid socialising when you don’t feel like it.

It’s ok, I totally get you. All of us need alone-time, some of us more than others. While I do love easy-going hostel life and meeting new people, the truth is that I’m not always on the mood for socialising.

It’s totally acceptable not to socialise all the time. Being in a same room with other people doesn’t mean you have to talk with them. I would say hi though to be polite.

1. Headphones are my saviour number one. This guarantees privacy on 99% of the time.

2. Be polite, but do your own thing. Work on your laptop, plan your trip or read a book. Focusing on something and not paying interest to what others are up to, normally means that you are not in a mood for socialising atm.

3. Be where is less people. Pretty obvious right?! Don’t use the kitchen on the busiest hours if you are not prepared to chat with anyone etc. This also applies when choosing your room. I prefer dorms with maximum 6 beds.

4. Choose your hostel well. Read those reviews and think is that place suited for you. For example I normally tend to avoid so called party-hostels, cause it’s more challenging to focus on doing your own things + there is kinda a pressure to socialise.

5. Don’t feel pressured to join in the activities or other. All the fun is created to entertain the guests, not to make anybody feel miserable. Say that you’re not feeling well or that you promised to call you mum if you need excuses.

If you are still worried about the pressure to socialise, but also wish to stay in hostels for whatever reasons (budget, atmosphere etc) check the option for private rooms. Not as expensive as hotel rooms and you get the luxury of complete privacy but also all the benefits of staying in a hostel.

Bonus tip: Find the people who seem to be on the same page with you. Changes are high that you are not the only introvert/shy person in the place! I’ve met many amazing people in hostels with who we ended up staying up in touch until this very day. I’ve even met my hubby in a hostel!

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