Summer that never came

Monday Blues because of lack of vitamins sea and D and my plan how to beat it.

Do you know the feeling of having restless feet? Yeah, I thought so. So do I. More than ever on this sunny August day I dream of packing my bag and running out to the airport. It’s two weeks before the next semester starts but to be honest, I don’t feel ready for it at all!

Studying is great, I’m loving it, but after a busy first year, I could have used a proper holiday for charging my batteries. With the risk of eating only pasta next month, I decided to have these coming two weeks free from work.

I’m gonna sleep in, eat breakfast in bed and hang out in my pj’s playing board-games until I feel ready to go out. I’m going to go to our summerhouse, switch off the internet and enjoy the outdoors. I’m gonna pack lunch and go kayaking for a whole day. On top of these, I’m gonna dream and plan our next trip to Brazil.

Life tastes sweeter when you got something nice to wait for, someone once said, I cannot help but agree!

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