Does backpacking have an age limit?

Quite recently I hit the 30’s and smoothly jumped to the next decade of my life, no age crisis, no hassle. Even though I can’t handle the endless partying without consequences anymore, I’m not ready to give up on backpacking. Backpacking has the stamp of being young and reckless on it, so is it still suitable for 30+ travellers?

So does backpacking have a age limit?

Hell no!

Backpacking most certainly doesn’t mean that you sleep in a dirty hostel and party all night. To be honest, I’ve never been that kind of a traveller who spends their mornings sleeping off a hangover. And if you have never tried a hostel, you are missing out. There is so many cool hostels around the world (Did you know there is private rooms as well?)!

Backpacking means freedom for me. I don’t need a first class ticket or a luxury hotel to be able to travel. Spending a week in a resort hotel in Thailand is not enough for me and I grave for a deeper experience.

Backpacking means getting out of my comfort zone and diving head first into foreign cultures.

I’m not risking my safety on this, I’m only risking my pride when looking stupid using body language or being laughed at, because of not being able to speak the local language in a countryside kiosk or in a small town bus terminal. I’m risking getting a meal I don’t like, or having to queue to a shower.

For me, backpacking gives more in return. You get closer to the local culture and the way of life, you make friends, sometimes even without a common language. It teaches you to be more compassionate and flexible.

Khao Sok National Park
Happiness is being somewhere without phone connections every once in a while

Travelling is to explore new, and to do that, I wish to get as authentic experience as possible. To see and learn, how does the life look like through someone else’s eyes.

I’m not ready to give up on all that anytime soon. And just if somebody thinks that I’m having an age crisis here, backpacking is more than a style of travel, it is an lifestyle, for anyone who is ready to travel deeper.

What do you think? Make your statement below!

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