St Michael’s Mount: Castle on a tidal island

Walk to this ancient castle sitting on a small tidal island in Cornwall, England, by its cobbled causeway. Will you get your feet wet?

St Michael’s Mount is only accessible by foot on low tide, from the village of Marazion. On low tide the old causeway is revealed from the sea and opened to visitors. You may enter the island by a boat as well.

An old legend tell that the island St Michael’s Mount was built on, used to be a home to a giant Cormoran who terrorised the area.

On the island you’ll first find the tiny and charming fisherman’s village, where still today lives a handful of people. There is cafe and a restaurant available. Or I could suggest either packing your picnic and enjoying the beautiful garden on a sunny summers day.

Make your way up to the castle to get a taste of the history of the island. It has seen pilgrimages and war, but more recent decades it has served as a family home for St Aubyn family since 17th century. The view over the sea and to the town are jaw dropping.

St Michael’s Mount is a counterpart of Mont Saint-Michel, in Normandy, France. The island was given to the religious order of Benedictines by Edward the Confessor.

Keep your eyes open for the giant Cormoran’s stone heart when climbing up to the castle.

• Marazion, England

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