What not to miss: a guide to Bogota

Things not to miss when in Bogota, the bustling capital of Colombia.

I fell in love with the easy going atmosphere, friendly locals, food and the beautiful old town of Bogota. And as a plus, Colombian Spanish is very tourist friendly and easy to understand. I ended up staying for two weeks, cause I wanted to prep up my Spanish in a local language school.

Bogota offers a beautiful contrast between old and new
Bogota offers a beautiful contrast between old and new

My top 3 of Bogota

†1. La Candelaria†
La Candelaria is the old colonial district in the heart of Bogota. It is just a stone’s throw away from the main plaza, Plaza de Bolívar. This place is a must go with its picturesque cobblestone streets and colonial houses. You find also lot of street art from the narrow alleys and a little bohemian atmosphere. Many important and interesting sights are in La Candelaria.
(Check: La Cathedral, Grito de Libertad, Museo Botero, Museo del Oro, Teatro Colon Bogota, House where Simon Bolivar was almost murdered and Graffiti Tours)

2. Cerro de Moserrate
Take the funicular up to the hill and enjoy the views over Bogota. There is few restaurants to eat, a sanctuary of Moserrate and a bit of green area to enjoy. You can walk up the hill for free, but I’ve heard stories of muggings so you want to check out the recent situation. I wouldn’t walk alone at least. The funicular can get busy, but when we went on morning the line was reasonable.

3. The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá
About an hour away from Bogota to the North, is small town of Zipaquirá. There is an amazing salt cathedral carved into an old salt mine. It is easily accessible both with public transportation and guided tours.

Read more about the Salt Cathedral


Bogota offers great Colombian delicacies to try. From the traditional plates like Bandeja Paisa which will keep you going all day to, to my Latin America favorites, empanadas. Don’t miss out arepas, ajiacoa and tamales. From drinks, you want to try chicha which is a very traditional drink, made from fermented corn, and hot chocolate with cheese(!).

Bogotá, Colombia

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  1. When visiting Colombia, You cannot exclude its gorgeous music! Did You know that Cumbia music has origins in Colombia? Cumbia is happy tropical music heard on western coast line of South America and in Central America. If You do not mind, I have an example of it:

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    Happy and safe travels!


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