Gotland: Island in the Baltic Sea

Gotland, an Swedish island in the Baltic Sea. Lovely place for a getaway in archipelago. Easily accessible by ferries both from Stockholm and Helsinki.

The ferry arrived in Visby early in the morning leaving us a full day to explore the island. We started the day taking a bus to north Gotland to visit a small fisherman village in Lickershamn and old church from medieval time. I immediately slipped into that relaxed island life mood.

You can easily spend a week discovering all of Gotland, but it is also a charming day trip destination.

Visby itself was pretty and small. Full of tiny shops and restaurants. Loads of small artisan shops and stalls. Ended up buying a few things myself like some handmade earrings. The atmosphere in the town was nice, cosy and laid back.

There would be a lot more to see in Gotland. I Can definitely recommend it for everyone looking for a nice and quiet place for a holiday or someone wanting to enjoy the nature of archipelago. Cycling around the island would be the perfect way to see it all.

A day went by fast. Visiting many old church ruins and getting lost to the narrow cobblestone alleys. Sipping local beer and tasting the island’s specialities. Time flies when you are having fun they say.

Lickershamn, a fisherman's village in Gotland, Sweden
Lickershamn, a fisherman’s village in Gotland

• Visby Sweden

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