Greek islands: Skopelos

One of the prettiest Greek islands, offering picturesque villages, beautiful sandy beaches and lush nature. What is there not to like for!

A couple hour bus ride and a ferry away from Athens, Skopelos is relatively easy to access. Not as the neighbouring Skiathos with an airport, but for me this was an obvious choice between these two islands. Normally the harder it is to get somewhere, more authentic it is.

Springtime was perfect for our visit. There was hardly any other tourists, so we could really enjoy the island and its sights mostly by ourselves.

View over Glossa in Skopelos
Views over Glossa

We had an apartment rented in Glossa, which is on the north side of the island. A picturesque village on a steep hill looking over to the sea. We thought Glossa was a perfect choice since it was more quiet and authentic than the main city, Skopelos town.

We took ferry from Mantoudi (Kymasi) to Glossa. Check out also other options to reach Skopelos from Agios Konstantinos or Volos. The bus timetables are synchronised with the ferry departures/arrivals.

So what there is to see in Skopelos?

Skopelos town (Hora) – The beautiful capital of the island with white houses and narrow streets. Visit the medieval castle and multiple churches around the town. It’s good for souvenir shopping and enjoying a lunch on the seafront.

Glossa – Get lost on the alleys zigzagging up and down the steep hill and enjoy a dinner watching the sunset. I liked the more authentic feel of Glossa.

Chapel of Agios Ioannis – The small chapel on top of a rocky hill which the movie Mamma Mia made famous. Hello what a views!

Beaches – Check at least Panormos, Limnonari and Kastani. There is plenty of more though and many small hidden ones as well.

Monasteries – Skopelos has multiple monasteries around the island, but quite a few of them is also in Mount Palouki, right next to Skopelos town. Remember to dress appropriate if you plan to visit.

Also eat and enjoy the Greece delicacies, check the neighbouring islands Skiathos and Alonnisos and visit the National Marine Park to get a glimpse of the rare Mediterranean Monk Seal.

Scooter was a great choice to move around the island. The roads were mainly good, some small ones a little narrow so take it easy on the curves.

Ciao Skopelos, I will be back!

• Glossa, Greece

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