Iguazu Falls: Largest waterfall system of the world

The world’s largest waterfall system, containing over 270 individual falls. It’s a roaring masterpiece of nature.

After buying the flights to Argentina, I knew exactly where to travel first inside the country. To Iguazu Falls, what is located in the border of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. It was a long bus ride from the capital Buenos Aires, 20+ hours but we made a smart move and treated ourselves with the cama-class (full reclining seats).

Iguazu Falls is best experienced from both Brazilian and Argentininan sides to get the full picture of the size of the falls.

Travel bucket item: Iguazu Falls
A dream come true

We started with the Brazilian side which is smaller and has only one trail to follow. It’s lush and green and has beautiful panoramic views over the area. I recommend taking lunch with you, it’s a picturesque place for a picnic.

Brazilian side contains about 20% of the falls, when majority is in the Argentinian side. Both of them are worth exploring though.

Garganta del Diablo, Iguazu
Garganta del Diablo aka Devil’s Throat

On the Argentinian side, there is more to explore. There are three different small treks to do. It is nothing challenging but obviously pack your water and snacks. We started from the lowest treks leaving the mighty Garganta del Diablo last. Garganta del Diablo, meaning Devil’s Throat is the most impressive one, a complex of falls containing approximately half of the volume of the whole river.

Go early to enjoy more quiet time in the park. It will get very busy later on.

Wildlife in Iguazu Falls
The park is a great place to spot wildlife

Iguazu Falls is a magnificent masterpiece of nature. It’s also a Unesco Heritage Site so keep this in mind when you move there. Watch out for the cheeky quatis, raccoon-like rascals, who will try to steal your food if they get the slightest chance.

Iguazu falls is made of beautiful stunning flora and it’s full of exciting fauna.

How to get to Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls are quite in the middle of nothing but it’s still easy to reach. Airports are located on both sides of the borders and bus connections run daily all the way from Buenos Aires as well. For a more quiet stay head to Puerto Iguazu on the Argentinian side or for more lively town stay in Foz do Iguaçu on the Brazilian side.

Iguazu waterfalls
Iguazu name means Big Water in native languages

Iguazu is a tropical dream,
did it make it to your bucket-list yet?

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