In Maui: Whale watching tour

Seeing these beauties alive and in action in the clear waters of Hawaii was a dream to come true.

On the morning I woke up filled with excitement. We had bought tickets for a whale watching tour on the previous day. The sun was up and so was I pretty much straight after opening my eyes.

Humpback whales return to the warm waters of Hawaii every winter to mate and give birth.


There are many kinds of options for tours. From big cruise ships to smaller speedboats. We chose the latter one cause it seemed more convenient for the whale watching. You never know where the whales might pop up so changing a location was a way easier with a small boat.

We spent approximately 3 hours on the tour and saw multiple whales close by, including one calf!


Seeing the humpbacks was so incredibly amazing experience I would definitely recommend to everyone. Besides, it was also a lovely few hours out in the ocean enjoying the sun. Just remember to grab your water bottles!

If you travel to Hawaii on winter months, you have to add this to your to-do list!

Screenshot 2018-09-23 at 16.00.17
Screenshot 2018-09-23 at 16.02.39

We did our trip in Maui, from the town of Lahaina. You can find many tour operators from the pier.

Does this start you planning already?

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