Day trip from Mendoza: the wineries

Who could say no to cycling through the famous wine region, in Mendoza, western Argentina. From a winery to another, tasting some the best wines the country has to offer.

So imagine picturesque wine yards, old and majestic premises, tasting wines under the hot South American sun. You could do this on a minibus tour, but doesn’t cycling sound so much more romantic?

Cycling is a really fun option and you can rent bikes easily, but it does get sweaty on a summer day! The distances are not bad and we felt safe cycling on the side of the roads.

The wineries are definitely a must-go. Great wines, beautiful places and fascinating stories. We got a map for different wineries from our bike rental – pick at least 3 different to visit, they all have an unique touch in each place and most are family run companies.

And by the way, if a hostel has a daily free wine-time, that must mean you have come to a city of wine producers.

Don’t miss out the olive farm in the area, their products are amazing and tapas plates filling!

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