Checklist: What to remember before you go

Even though dreaming of your holiday and planning it probably keeps you busy, there are a few things you should check out and do before you go. I’ve gathered these few things here I find important.


Check out your passport is up to date. Some countries won’t let you in unless your passport is valid for at least six months after your arrival.


Find out about visa policies in your destination countries. In some countries, you can also buy it from the border but it saves you from the hassle to know beforehand.


Don’t be cheap about this one. Get a good insurance what really covers possible medical costs and lost/stolen stuff, missed flights etc. In case you get into hospital care the bills can be enormous! Also, find out what are you really paying for and for what are you covered! Most cheap insurances don’t cover extreme sports for example.


Don’t play with your health. Some diseases are for life and will have serious effects on you.


It is wise to scan your important documents like passport and insurance certificates. Keep a few copies with you all the time but also store them to the cloud.


Write down local emergency numbers. Also find out your national contacts, embassies or consulates who might be able to help as well. For example in the case of a stolen passport or so.


It is smart to get to known to your destination countries before you go. Just a little. The culture, local customs, safety, and common scams.

Don’t forget to enjoy planning your trip as well. Places you want to discover and wonders to see. There is an adventure waiting for you.

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